G&T Septech AS (GTS) is a 100% privately owned company which was started in 1997 by Professor Tyge Greibrokk and Dr. philos Roger Trones. The company was started at the University of Oslo based on a research project funded by a public grant. The public grant was linked to commitments to commercialize the outcome of the research project. The outcome was directly turned into the original business idea which is the production of micro-HPLC columns characterized by very high efficiency, robustness and reproducibility.

The first products were displayed during Pittcon 2001 in New Orleans, USA. Already then was the technology considered unique, especially the use of a combination of flexible fused silica tubing covered by protective shrinking hose. That technology was quite soon copied by large column manufacturer, and it is still in use for nano-LC columns.

Because GTS did not have the resources to manufacture it’s own bulk material, the business development was directed into the OEM market, where we have been a trusted and loyal partner for several recognized companies for years. Our expertise makes it possible for companies that does not have a dedicated production for micro-HPLC columns to have their own competitive product line.

In the year 2000, GTS acquired Teknolab AS a Norwegian company set up in 1980 by Odd and Else Erevik with the purpose of offering high quality consumables for analytical laboratories in Norway. In 2003 this business idea was expanded into the Swedish market by setting up a Swedish subsidiary called Teknolab Sweden AB. This subsidiary later merged with Sorbent AB to become Teknolab Sorbent AB. Today both these companies are 100% owned subsidiaries of GTS.

In 2013 GTS spun out Extraction Technologies Norway AS (ETN). This was a start up based upon patented technology that has the potential to be a game changer in sample preparation.