Jon Ola Frankplads


Jon Ola Frankplads has a Master’s degree in business administration. Frankplads has held leading positions in marketing, finance, strategy and general management. He has also been a general manager of a Pharmaceutical company, a Data company, a Consultancy company and a Venture Capital company.

In recent years Frankplads has been a board member of the listed Idex ASA, Nordic Seafarms ASA, Norsk Gallup Institutt AS, Robot technology AS, Byggutvikling AS and Næringseiendom AS. Frankplads has been the chair of the board in the mother company G&T Septech AS for almost 20 years.

Tyge Greibrokk


Dr.philos Tyge Greibrokk was professor of analytical chemistry, served a period as head of the Department of Chemistry, head and member of several boards and comissions at the University of Oslo. Supervising 125 master students and 30 Ph.D.students, coordinator of EU-networks, editor of Journal of Separation Science  from the start, author of more than 300 scientific papers and recipient of several prizes, including the Golay Award at Palm Springs in 2013. Greibrokk was cofounder of G&T Septech.

Roger Trones


Dr.philos Roger Trones has a PhD. from the University of Oslo in analytical organic chemistry. He was the cofounder of G&T Septech, and he has been running G&T Septech since the start-up in 1997. He also runs the daughter companies; Teknolab (Norway) and Teknolab Sorbent (Sweden). He has turned own innovations into commercial business, written several papers, held two patents and has several years of experience as board member including being chairman of the board.