We have production methods for unique and robust nano-, capillary-, and microbore HPLC columns.

We started developing production methods already in 1993.

We believe our packing technology is unique. Our columns can be benchmarked to any similar column on the market without loosing ground.

Our IP is a business secret, but we can assure you it is robust and it can survive an audit.

The range 75 micron ID to 1 mm ID does not seem to be much, but from the production perspective it is an enormous difference. It took us many years to develop the different methods we use today.

The development towards perfection is never ending, and we are continuously looking at ways to improve our production methods. The latest work has been directed towards reducing production time for the nano LC columns, and we will launch a brand new concept for such columns in 2022.


Porous particles

  • Reversed phase materials 
       C4, C8, C18, phenyl, and fluorinated phenyl
  • Hilic phases

Superficially porous particles

  • Reversed phase materials
       C18, Fluorinated Phenyl

Particle sizes: 1.9, 3, and 5 micron
Porosity: 100Å – 300Å

Particle size: 2.7 micron
Porosity: 90Å


We have developed our own unique guard/trap column with ALMOST NO DEAD VOLUME. It can be offered with two types of inlet ports in both ends; 10-32 or 6-40 threads. These guard columns are recommended for our capillary column line only. However, they can be combined with nano columns as trap columns. 

They come as 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 mm ID. All with 5 mm length.