• We have today six operating packing stations and four testing stations.

  • Our production technology is scalable, we can easily expand to meet a growing demand.

  • All columns are tested in a fair way, we do not “cheat” on the plate numbers we present in the CoA. The columns are connected to the injector and the detector using transfer capillaries to create a realistic scenario at the end user site. It is important to us, that the end user is able to achieve the plate numbers  stated in the CoA.

  • We use a commercial available software for column testing as a basis, but we have a modified version that are tailor made for our production.

  • All data are stored on a local server, but the data is copied and transferred out of the building on a regular basis.

  • The CoA’s are sent electronically in an open format to our OEM customers.

  • The process from receiving bulk to the column is leaving our facility is described here