• OEM services on a complete line of microbore, capillary and nano-LC columns and accessories.

  • Extensive consulting according to the needs of each customer for transition from conventional HPLC to micro-HPLC. We possess a high level of competence in micro-HPLC; thus, taking advantage of the services we offer may save the customer valuable time.

  • Consulting and assistance in domestic testing of new chromatography instrumentation which the customer considers acquiring. Our network of contacts in the instrumentation industry, national as well as international, will enable the customer to save time.

  • Development of methods using conventional HPLC with UV or laser light-scattering detection.
  • Environmentally safe sample preparation in connection with development of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction methode (SFE) as an alternative to Soxhlet-extraction, in which the use of organic solvents is often inadvisable in a health-, environment- and safety perspective.

  • Research assignments involving relatively heavy components, in which e.g. niche techniques such as high temperature liquid chromatography (HTLC) and/or supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) may be used. Included in these assignments may be the development of separation columns which may be added to our catalogue of products, so that customers may easily obtain these if they wish to include the developed method/technique in their routine methods.

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